I went in the summer of 2020 for knee pain. I couldn’t climb or descend stairs, couldn’t kneel or squat. Hyaluronic acid injections changed my life….for the better!! What a difference. The injections lasted a year; just had another series this summer. I’m a believer, though I realize it might not work as well for others.

Mary Wright

I love this place. I am going there for at least 4 yrs. . I was in terrible pain. Now, I am feeling great. I go every half year for my battery of injections. I am very mobile and do Pilates and other exercises.
Sissi Kolenbrander-Lewis

The staff at The Arthritis Relief & Vascular Centers Houston is very professional… Dr. Hooda is an excellent physician … I would definitely recommend her to my family members( in fact I recommended her to my daughter-in-law) who was also a patient…) and friends…
Sharon Deary

Arthritis Relief Center of San Antonio, TX has been s true blessing to my husband and l. We have been patients at the center for approximately 4 years. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The Dr’s are true professionals and experts in their specialty. We are truly thankful we found this center.

Florence Rios

Wow Arthritis Relief Center is a dream come true. I was having bad pain twitching in my knee when I played hard tennis. With the incredibly accurate knee injections and specific activities use of the knee brace I can perform all physical activities and run six miles with no discomfort. Getting pain free injections every six months is so easy and rewarding. Many days I don’t even have to wear the knee brace. They are excellent at dealing with my health insurance provider to get me prompt treatment. If you want to stay active and pain free in your knees this is the place for you.

Doug Freer

Every few months, I had been getting steroid injections in my knee. With covid concerns, my practitioner would no longer give the injections. I then got to the point I was severely restricted in my activities due to knee pain. I saw an ad on tv about this facility and was sort of embarrassed to call and make an appointment instead of going through my health care practitioner. I decided to go see what they had to say. The entire staff was very professional, everyone explained things well. The doctor did an excellent job of going over the procedure. I had 5 injections, a week apart each time, of hyaluronic acid. I’m four months out, and it’s been an absolute miracle! I was so afraid that my next step would be surgery, but this worked so well that I’m no longer considering that. I heartily recommend a consultation to see if it’s right for you.

Mary Wright

My knees were hurting so bad! I heard of this office from a friend and decided to visit myself. The process is so easy, from getting an appointment to seeing the doctor and getting treated. I appreciate the staff for being so kind and patient with me. When I come in, they remember me by name and it makes me feel special. Like I’m not just another patient, but family. Thank you for providing me relief. I would recommend this clinic to anybody!

Phuong Ho

Excellent service with outstanding results. I’m 85 years old playing singles tennis.

Gil Carrillo

I’m pleased to see that the waiting room encourages masks and social distancing! The Nurse Practitioner, Hailey, did a thorough job of getting my history and she was great at explaining my options. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. I’m impressed with the accuracy that Dr. Hooda delivers the shots

Elizabeth Schooler

Excellent place to help relieve arthritis in the knee. Dr Hooda and her staff are very personable and caring to all their patients. Wait time is minimal. For over 2 years I have been going for injections every 6 months and have had immense relief to my knee pain and able to run 3 miles daily.

Fillis Friedman

I would like to thank all the staff especially Dr Persyn for helping us in this journey. The pain I have had over the years in my hip had finally gotten to be too much. With evaluation and then injection I can already tell I made the right decision to come in to this center. I have been bragging to others to not wait go early and see what they can do to help you overcome whatever the issue. THANK YOU ARTHRITIS RELIEF CENTER OF SAN ANTONIO.

Janette Springer